Hotel Booking System

A multilingual, mobile-friendly hotel reservation system that blends perfectly into any website!

Hotel Booking System is an online hotel reservation system built in PHP and using MySQL to store data. The script provides a powerful room booking and reservation management functionality and allows you to install a clear call-to-action tool on your hotel website to impact conversions and increase bookings. Our room booking system is highly customizable and compatible with various websites.

PRICE: R299.99 Per Month
PRICE:R2990.00 Per Year

Product Highlights

Add a smart hotel reservation system to your website and make online bookings and payments possible!Review the key features that come standard with our PHP hotel booking script and drop us a line, if you need any customization.


Accept Bookings Online

A complete room booking system to provide hotel managers with an easy way to manage reservations and booking availability.


Mobile-friendly Design

The hotel reservation system front-end adapts to any screen resolution and device (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphone etc.)


Editable Booking Form

Define which customer details the front-end system will require from customers using simple drop-downs for each booking form field.


Multiple Languages

Translate the hotel reservation system into any language. Add a language tab on the booking form so clients can make their choice.


Payments Processing

Select and enable the payment methods which match your business best – PayPal, Authorize.Net, CC payments, wire transfers etc.


FREE Installation

A FREE installation support is provided for the hotel booking script. Just contact us, if you have any difficulties installing the script.


Promos & Vouchers

Manage special offers – launch fixed or percentage discounts for different periods, add holiday packages and FREE-night promotions.


PHP Source Code

Buy the script with a developer-friendly license and make your own changes! We can customize it for you, too!


Multilingual mobile optimized hotel reservation system that blends perfectly into any website. Once installed, no programming skills are required to manage settings and features. Further down is a list of features supported by the Hotel Booking System. We can add any other feature to the script upon request.Want to request modifications to the room booking system? Please contact us and describe the modification you need.

Modern front-end design

There are 10 different color schemes you can choose from in order to match your website branding. The layout is responsive so that clients can load script contents across various mobile devices and make bookings on the go.

Online room booking

A 24/7 open front desk that encourages visitors to book now, accepts bookings and collects online payments. A simple step-by-step online reservation process provides users with a positive experience that impacts website conversion rates and bookings.

Reservation management

An integrated reservation management system provides facilities for administrators to manage booking details, and bookings manually, edit reservations and export them to a CSV file.

Room management

Use the administration panel of the room booking system to add an unlimited number of room types, manage images, edit room description, set prices and room availability.

Room rates & price management

Price management is easy with our online hotel reservation system! You can define prices based on the number of people sharing a room, or set a default price per night / per room, or add different rates for each day of the week. You can add seasonal rates too.

Online payments

Paypal and Autorize.NET gateways are integrated with Hotel Booking System to automate the booking process and facilitate deposit payments and reservation confirmation. Need to use another payment gateway? We can add it for you.

Other ways to get cash

Credit card collection, bank account info for wire transfers and cash payments are also available with the hotel booking script. Use a simple check box to enable the payment options.

User-friendly interface

Using a very easy and intuitive administration page, without being a webmaster, you can configure various options and settings, translate and customize the online hotel reservation system, add languages, auto responders and a lot of other features.

Advanced gallery controls

Advanced gallery controls and photo editing tools are available with our Hotel Booking System. You can crop and resize images, add watermark or compress images directly from the PHP hotel reservation script.

Multiple room booking

Guests can book more than one room with a single reservation. During the booking process users will see the available rooms for the chosen period and will have the opportunity to select one or more rooms and the number of guests.

Multiple room booking

Guests can book more than one room with a single reservation. During the booking process users will see the available rooms for the chosen period and will have the opportunity to select one or more rooms and the number of guests.

Live Demo

Fill in the form below to request access to demo installation. We will send you an email with login details where you can preview the script.

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Here you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Hotel Booking System. If you still can’t find the right answer, just use the contact form to get in touch with us.


What do I need to use your software?

In order to install any of our scripts your hosting account must support PHP 5.1 or greater and MySQL 5.1 or greater. If you are not sure whether your account supports these or not, contact us and we will verify this for you.If you cannot install PHP scripts we offer remotely hosted service for our products.

What is the difference between a Developer and a User licence?

With a Developer licence: -you are allowed to make your own changes to both design layout and software features -you may remove the original StivaSoft copyright notice. -you may also insert your company or personal notes into the software such as “Managed by YourCompany” or “Powered by YourCompany”.
With a User licence: -you are not allowed to modify the code. -you may not remove our branding. For more information about our licensing policy please refer to our Licence Agreement.

If I buy a User licence can I upgrade it to a Developer licence later?

Yes, you can do this at any time by paying the difference between the User and Developer licences. Just login your account, go to My Ordes page and upgrade to Developer licence.

I need help installing the script. Can you help me?

Yes, we provide free installation service. This means that we can install the script(s) you purchased on your hosting account for free. We will need FTP and MySQL login details so we can upload the files and install the product. If you are not familiar with FTP and MySQL you can either contact your hosting company and ask them to provide you with these or just send us access to your hosting account control panel and we will do it for you.We will usually install the script the same working day when such installation is requested.

Can I remove your company proprietary notices?

With a Developer licence you are allowed to modify the script and make your own changes. You can remove our company information and put yours. Please refer to Our PHP Code page for more information about how our framework is organized. Please note that you cannot put “Copyright by” tagline because only we own copyrights for our products. You can however put your company name “Supported by YourCompany”, “Managed by YourCompany”, etc..For more information about our licensing policy please refer to our Licence Agreement. If you have any questions about our licence policy please contact us before ordering a product.

Do you make custom changes to the scripts?

Yes, we can make almost any custom change to our products. If you need a custom change do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a non-obligation quote.If you think that you will need a custom change made to our product(s) we advise you to contact us first before purchasing so we can give you a quote for the modification before downloading the standard version. This will ensure that you will receive a product with the features you need for the price you want to pay.

I am a webmaster and I build websites for clients. Once I purchase the software from you can I resell it to my customers?

Yes, you can bill your clients for the scripts that you will install on their websites. With both User and Developer licence you can use our scripts on all the websites that you create for your clients. However, you are not allowed to advertise and resell our products directly on your website as a standalone product.Consider the following example. Assume that you offer website design services to hotel owners and you purchase our Hotel Booking Script. With both User and Developer licence you are not allowed to present a demo on your website, show product screenshots, videos, etc.. (please refer to our Licence Agreement). Of course, you can advertise that you offer website design services for hotel owners which include – graphic design, adding booking engine to accept reservations, gallery, map, contact us page, etc.. everything needed for a hotel website.We realize that you may want to show our product to your website visitors so more of them convert into real clients for your website design business. So if you want to advertise our product directly on your website and let your potential clients actually see and try the hotel booking engine you need to apply for an Extended Licence. It allows you to advertise and promote our products directly on your website. We believe that doing so you will convert more of your website visitors into paid clients.Our products are excellent choice for people and companies who offer website design and development services to small and medium businesses. They are perfect for webmasters, web designers and developers who are involved in building, upgrading and supporting multiple websites and who want to install our scripts on these websites. However, if you want to start a software selling business where you sell web based software to other webmasters, like we do, our products and the Extended Licence are not be suitable for you.

I want to create a SaaS based on your script. Am I allowed to do this?

We consider a SaaS (Software as a service) to be a software delivery model where the script is installed on your own server and multiple clients have access to it – for free or for recurring fee. A good example would be our Hotel Booking script and the service that we offer. It’s basically the same product but with the default Hotel Booking script you pay one time fee and the booking engine is installed on your own hosting account while with the service you use a remotely hosted version of that script and pay subscription fee. Using both User and Developer licence you are allowed to create that kind of SaaS.We are always looking for new business opportunities so if you work in a specific business niche and want to create and offer a SaaS, based on our products, we are interested in discussing a partnership with you. We can offer customization, support and maintenance service so you have a professional and reliable partner and will not worry about the technical aspect of your SaaS project. Get in touch with us so we can discuss your project.

How long does it take to receive the script after I purchase it?

Immediately after payment. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will receive an email message with login details for your personal account where the script can be downloaded. If you do not receive the message please check your SPAM box first and then contact us.Our fraud protection system may put your order on hold if for example your paypal address is unverified or it is not like the email address used for the purchase. During our opening hours we will approve your order within minutes.

Do you offer a refund?

Prior to buying a product please make sure you fully understand what its requirements are and how it works. If for some reason the script cannot be installed on a hosting account which meets script requirements we can issue a refund. However, please note that we cannot issue a refund if the product does not meet your expectations.Please refer to our Licence agreement page for more details. If you have any questions please contact us.


You can buy the Hotel Booking System either with a Developer, or with a User License. Want to request a custom modification? Please contact us and describe what needs to be changed.

  • Hotel Booking System

  • Free installation support
  • Changes to the code
  • Copyright removal
  • Unlimited installations
  • Free updates
  • Custom modifications


Ask pre-sale questions about our products and services. Ask technical question our help to easily install and manage our scripts.

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